Blanched Split Peanut Kernels

Peanut - Product #003

Blanched peanuts are without skin, it is whitish in colour and been produced after processing Bold/Java peanuts.

Our blanched peanuts are best quality peanuts which can be further used as ingredient to manufacture other processed foods. We offer two types of Blanched Peanuts i.e. Whole & Split.


Blanched Peanut Exporters

Blanched peanuts, as the name very well suggests is the kind of peanuts without any skin on it. It is a variety of peanut that is whitish. Blanched peanuts are produced after carefully processing the other type of peanuts, mostly bold and java. United INC has been supplying blanched peanuts in large quantities to a wide range of clients across the globe. These peanuts are used for a variety of reasons, and they are also added in several dishes that we make.

United INC is one of the best-blanched peanut exporters in India as we have been supplying high quality blanched peanuts India. Also, we are known as the first choice of the customers for split peanuts, and we are one of the prime blanched split peanuts in India exporters.

Reasons to Eat Blanched Split Peanut

There are tons of reasons to eat peanuts. One of the prime reasons for enjoying peanuts is that they have superbly high nutritive value. These peanuts contain a wide range of nutrients, especially proteins. United INC, one of the leading blanched peanut exporters and blanched split peanut in India exporters have been supplying top quality blanched peanuts India. We ensure topmost quality to make sure that all the nutrients are preserved.

We, at United INC, have been supplying a wide range of peanuts to the customers. Till date, we have received a superb response from the market so far. Therefore, we have evolved continuously to offer better and better products to the market. We have an excellent team that takes all the proper procedures to ensure complete quality control. The quality control team keeps improving the processes to make sure that only high-quality products reach the customers.