TJ Java Peanut Kernels

Peanut - Product #002

Indian Java Peanut Kernel is round type pinkish color available in small size. Its taste is good due to this it’s very demanded for confectionery and peanut butter industry.

We supply Java Peanut Kernels, which are enriched with protein, dietary fiber, iron, magnesium, etc.

To keep a strict check on the quality of the products, we have hired professional quality analysts having rich domain experience. We are a quality driven firm and thus make sure that the material used for manufacturing complies with high quality standards.


Product Specification:

Colour of Peanut Kernels:- Light Pink Skin Peanut peanut kernels
Shape of Peanut Kernels:- Long Shape Peanut Kernels
Count Per Ounce(1 Ounce=28.5gram):- 55-65, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80
Moisture:- Maximum 6%
Aflatoxin(B1):- Non Detected
Aflatoxin(B1+B2+G1+GG2):-:- Less Than 4 ppm
Quicksilver(Hg):- Non Detected
Arsenic(As):- Non Detected
Lead(Pb):- Non Detected
Cadminum:- Non Detected
Split:- 1.5% Maximum
Imperfect Kernels:- 1% Maximum
Peanut Meal :- 0.3% Maximum
Damaged Kernels :- 0.5% Maximum
Mold/Rotten kernels :- 0.5% Maximum
Mineral impurities:- 0.1 % (dust, stones, etc)
Metal impurity :- Absent
Infestation(Live or Dead):- Absent
Foreighn seeds per tone:- 1 seeds per 1MT

Java Peanut Kernels Exporters

Peanuts are one of the most preferred snacking food items of people in India. We can have peanuts in the morning, evening or night. Peanuts are not only eaten as a snack, but they are also added in a large number of food items. There is no doubt about the fact that peanuts are and will remain the favourite snacking items of India for a long time. Now, when it comes to peanuts, we have a wide range of peanuts. One of the most popular of all the variants is the Indian Java Peanut Kernel. It is a round-shaped peanut. Mostly, these peanuts are pinkish. United INC, one of the best Java Peanut Kernels exporters in the country, has been supplying a vast volume of these peanuts to a host of clients.

We at United INC, one of the best peanuts exporters India have hired a team of experts that carefully procure and choose the best variety of peanuts. Therefore, we are recognized as one of the topmost Indian peanut exporters or T J Java Peanut Kernels exporters in the country.

As we have gained the reputation of being one of the best Java Peanut Kernels exporters in the country, therefore, we are very careful of all the products that we supply. We are regarded as one of the topmost choices of the customers, and we have gained the status of being a certified supplier. Amongst all the peanuts exporters India, Indian peanut exporters or the T J Java Peanut Kernels exporters, United INC stands out.

Java Peanut Kernels manufactured by us are of the highest quality and contain all kinds of nutrients, like iron, protein, dietary fiber and many more.