Dark Brown Round Shape Raisins / Dark Brown Long Shape Raisins

Raisin - Product #002

Dark brown raisin known as SULTANA RAISINS.

Dark Brown is made of the best seedless grapes. To reach the desired quality, all raisins are washed and sorted twice in each process and then dipped in edible oil and then dried.

Sultana raisins are available in two color light brown and dark brown and tend to be sweeter. Sultana raisins have a delicate and unique flavor.


Product Specification:

Colour of Berries:- Pure Dark Brown Berries - Quality can compete with Afghanistan & Uzbekistan
Shape of Berries:- Long Shape Berries & Round Shape Berries
Grade:- Long shape Grade & Round Shape Grade
Berries per 100gram:- Long Shape Grade - 150 berries to 170 berries per 100 gram
Round Shape Grade - 250 berries to 350 berries per 100 gram
Moisture:- Maximum 16% but we can manage moisture between 12-14%
SO2:- Nil
Oil:- Imported Spanish Premium quality - Olive Oil
Ochratoxin(A):- Non Detected
Aflatoxin(B1):- Less than 2 ppm
Aflatoxin(B1+B2+G1+GG2):- Less Than 4 ppm
Salmonella/25gm :- Absent
E.Coli/25gm :- Absent
Lead(Pb):- Not Detected
Cadminum:- Not Detected
Foreign Matters:- Nil (Stone, Metal, plastic, Match stick, plastic thread and any other kind of foreign matters)
Damaged Berries g/100g:- Maxium 2%
Undeveloped Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Sugared Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Moldy Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Campstems attached Piece/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Infestation:- Absent
Foreighn seeds per tone Absent

Thompsons Dried Raisins Exporters from India

United INC is one of the best raisin exporters in the country. We have been exporting all kinds of raisins, including one of the most favourite raisins, the dark brown raisins. Dark brown raisins are made using seedless grapes. To make sure that only the best quality grapes reach the market, we take special care. We have an exceptional team that ensures absolute hygiene and care. Almost all the raisins are washed and sorted multiple times. After they are removed, they are coated with oil and then they are dried.

As we are regarded as one of the top dark brown raisins suppliers or dried raisins exporters from India, therefore, we pay extra attention to the quality of the raisins. We continuously strive to become the best dark brown round shape raisins suppliers or shady brown long shape raisins suppliers in the country. Dark brown raisins are a kind of sultana raisins. They are available in two different colors. These types of raisins are quite sweet. At the same time, they are very delicate as well. Raisins have a unique flavor that adds to the taste of the dish.

United INC is one of the prime dark brown raisins suppliers or Thompsons dried raisins exporters from India. We have been in the industry since a very long time. Therefore, we have gained the status of being one of the topmost dark brown round shape raisins suppliers or dark brown long shape raisins suppliers in India.

We supply a wide range of raisins, therefore, whether you want to buy dark brown raisin or black or green raisins, you can find them all here.