Indian Bold Red Skin Peanuts Kernels

Peanut - Product #001

The Bold variety peanuts are typically red or dark red skinned with elongated(long and big) shape. We provide wide Range of Bold Type as per below.


Product Specification:

Colour of Peanut Kernels:- Pink Skin Peanut to Red Skin Bold peanut kernels
Shape of Peanut Kernels:- Long Shape Peanut Kernels
Count Per Ounce(1 Ounce=28.5gram):- 38-42, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, 70-80
Moisture:- Maximum 6%
Aflatoxin(B1):- Non Detected
Aflatoxin(B1+B2+G1+GG2):-:- Less Than 4 ppm
Quicksilver(Hg):- Non Detected
Arsenic(As):- Non Detected
Lead(Pb):- Non Detected
Cadminum:- Non Detected
Split:- 1.5% Maximum
Imperfect Kernels:- 1% Maximum
Peanut Meal :- 0.3% Maximum
Damaged Kernels :- 0.5% Maximum
Mold/Rotten kernels :- 0.5% Maximum
Mineral impurities:- 0.1 % (dust, stones, etc)
Metal impurity :- Absent
Infestation(Live or Dead):- Absent
Foreighn seeds per tone:- 1 seeds per 1MT

Bold Peanuts Exporters in India

Bold peanuts are a superbly popular variety of peanuts. These peanuts are absolutely delicious and extremely healthy as well. Bold peanuts have a high amount of protein in them. Bold peanuts are mostly red or dark red-skinned. The peanuts are big, and they are mostly elongated. Although, there are certain other variants of bold peanuts as well procured by the bold peanuts exporters in India or the bold red skin peanuts exporters in India. United INC is one of the most reliable and popular Indian bold peanut exporters or the Indian bold peanut kernels exporters in the country.

Bold peanuts could be enjoyed as a snacking item. You can munch bold peanuts with a cup of tea or coffee. Or, you may also have bold peanuts between the meals. It is one of the favourite munching foods for the office goers as well. You can keep them in your bag and enjoy whenever you feel like.

Bold peanuts are delicious. Therefore, they are quite popular. As the demand of the bold peanuts is super high, United INC, one of the topmost bold peanuts exporters in India or bold red skin peanuts exporters in India. We have gained the trust of the customers. Therefore, now we are recognized as one of the most favourite Indian bold peanut exporters or the Indian bold peanut kernels exporters in India.

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