Malayar Dried Raisins / Dried Grapes

Raisin - Product #001

Raisin varieties depend on the type of grape used, and are made in a variety of sizes and colors including green, black, brown, blue, purple, and yellow.

Raisins are traditionally sun-dried, but may also be water-dipped and artificially dehydrated.


Product Specification:

Colour of Berries:- Light Brown Berries, Dark Brown Berries, Light Golden Berries, Light Yellow Berries
Shape of Berries:- Round Shape Berries
Grade:- AAA, AA, A, B, C
Berries per 100gram:- 250 berries to 350 Round Shape berries per 100 gram
Moisture:- Maximum 16% but we can manage moisture between 12-14%
SO2:- Maximum 250ppm to 400ppm
Oil:- Imported Spanish Premium quality - Olive Oil
Ochratoxin(A):- Non Detected
Aflatoxin(B1):- Less than 2 ppm
Aflatoxin(B1+B2+G1+GG2):- Less Than 4 ppm
Salmonella/25gm :- Absent
E.Coli/25gm :- Absent
Lead(Pb):- Not Detected
Cadminum:- Not Detected
Foreign Matters:- Nil (Stone, Metal, plastic, Match stick, plastic thread and any other kind of foreign matters)
Damaged Berries g/100g:- Maxium 2%
Undeveloped Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Sugared Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Moldy Berries g/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Campstems attached Piece/100g:- Maxium 0.5%
Infestation:- Absent
Foreighn seeds per tone Absent

Malayar Dried Raisins Exporters from India

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