United INC supplies, good quality blanched peanuts exporters from India. Blanched peanut is a category of peanuts without skin. There are several types of peanuts supplied by some of the finest blanched peanuts exporters. One of the most popular varieties of peanut is blanched peanuts. Peanuts without skin are whitish in color and used for plenty of purposes. They can be relished as a snack, and they can also be added to various other snacks etc. United INC processes mostly Bold and Java peanuts. The top quality Bold and Java peanuts are blanched and supplied to the customers in Russia.


Blanched Split Peanut Kernels

United INC procures peanuts from the best vendors and then we carefully blanch them to remove the skin. We make sure that the peanuts retain their natural properties. The peanuts supplied by us in Russia contain the right amount of nutrients. Peanuts contain a good amount of protein, therefore, they are extensively preferred by the customers who want to enjoy a good amount of protein.

Uses of blanched peanuts

Being one of the finest blanched peanuts exporters in India, we have been exporting a high volume of blanched peanuts in Russia and across the world. We also supply split peanuts to the customers. Blanched peanuts are used for a plenty of reasons, they are enjoyed as a healthy munching option. Blanched peanuts are added in many snacks and dishes. Peanuts are roasted, and mixed with plenty of spices to make them more delicious. Peanuts are enjoyed extensively with a cup of coffee or tea as well. Also, they are relished as a yummy mid-meal snack. Also, peanuts are used extensively for making peanut butter.

Reasons to buy peanuts from United INC

A plenty of reasons make United INC one of the prime Blanched Peanuts Exporters from India. We supply top-quality blanched peanuts from India to Russia. As the demand of peanuts is increasing extensively, therefore, we have been supplying a high quantity of peanuts to the customers across the world. We focus on using the best of technology to blanch the peanuts, also, we keep evolving our technology to manufacture blanched peanuts. Also, we aim to use the best of packaging technology to pack and supply Indian peanuts to the customers. Additionally, we supply a wide variety of peanuts to the customers therefore, the customers get a plenty of options to select from.

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