United INC is a leading Indian Peanuts Exporters. We have been supplying good quality peanuts from India to the rest of the world at the best possible prices. Peanuts are one of the most favorite snacks of a wide range of people across the world, therefore, peanuts from India are exported by the peanut exporters of India to many parts of the country and even the world. United INC also exports a good quantity of peanuts to Russia and many other parts of the world too.


Peanut, a Popular Nut!

Peanuts are not only relished as munching snacks, but there are a lot of things that could be made using peanuts as well, like peanut butter. Peanut butter is also a very popular spread in the world, and a huge quantity of peanuts from India is also exported for making peanut butter. Apart from the peanut butter companies, the Indian peanuts exporters also supply a wide range of peanuts to many other firms. For example, blanched peanuts are used in making a wide variety of snacking items. They are added to enhance the crunch and flavor of many dishes and snacks. Also, even some cookies are made using peanuts. Not only that, peanuts exporters of India must be supplying peanuts to the energy bar manufacturers as well.

Peanuts are a great source of protein; therefore, they are relished delightfully by the peanut lovers. It is a good snack to have to fulfill the protein requirements of the body. Therefore, peanuts are added in many healthy snacking items as well, like energy or nutritional bars, granola and many more. And, peanut butter is not used as a spread, but it is also used to make a variety of food items, like, milk shakes, cookies etc.

Reasons to Buy Peanuts from United INC

There are several reasons of choosing United INC as one of the leading Indian Peanuts Exporters, and some of them are:

Quality of Peanuts

United INC is known for the supreme quality of the peanuts. The peanut exporters in India procure only the best quality peanuts from the market. Peanuts also go through certain quality checks before reaching the customers. Also, we have a team of quality experts that keep a check on the quality of the peanuts. Our main focus is always on the quality of the product that we deliver to the customers. We make sure that we supply the tastiest and the healthiest peanuts to our customers.

A Variety of Peanuts

The Indian peanut exporters supply a wide range of peanuts from India to Russia. Peanuts are grown in several parts of the country. Also, there is an extensive variety of peanuts available in the market. Different buyers may have their own preferences for buying a certain kind of peanuts. United INC offers a variety of peanuts to choose from. The buyers get to select the variety that best suits their needs.

Apart from quality and variety also, there are plenty of reasons to buy peanuts from United INC. Our prices are also quite competitive, and we also focus on packaging the peanuts in the best way possible. If you would like to know more about peanuts or any other product that we manufacture, please feel free to contact us.